Thursday, August 25, 2011

Practice paper for class 10 chapter-Polynomials

1. Every linear equation in two variables has ___ solution(s).

(a) No (b) one (c) two (d) infinitely many

2. For a pair to be consistent and dependent the pair must have

(a) no solution (b) unique solution (c) infinitely many solutions (d) none of these

3. Graph of every linear equation in two variables represents a ___

(a) point (b) straight line(c) curve (d) triangle

4. Each point on the graph of pair of two lines is a common solution of he lines in case of

(a) Infinitely many solutions (b) only one solution (c) no solution (d) none of these

5.The pair of linear equations is said to be inconsistent if they have

(a) only one solution (b) no solution (c) infinitely many solutions. (d) both a and c

6. Find the value of k so that the equations x + 2y = – 7, 2x + ky + 14 = 0 will represent coincident

7. Give linear equations which is coincident with 2 x + 3y - 4 = 0 Find the value of K so that the pair of linear equations :

(3 K + 1) x + 3y – 2 = 0

(K2 + 1) x + (k–2)y – 5 = 0 is inconsistent.

8. Solve for x and y :
2x + 3y = 17
2x + 2 – 3 y+1 = 5.

9. The area of a rectangle remain the same if its length is increased by 7 cm and the breadth is decreased  by 3 cm. The area remains unaffected if length is decreased by 7 cm and the breadth is increased by 5 cm. Find length and breadth.

10. A no. consists of three digits whose sum is 17. The middle one exceeds the sum of other two by 1. If the digits are reversed, the no. is diminished by 396. Find the no.

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