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CBSE Class X 2012 Solution New By

CBSE Class X 2012 Solution New 


A pioneering institution in providing education. Excellent and exclusive course material and unique teaching methodology have built JSUNIL TUTORIAL into one of the most trusted institutions in the area of preparing students for various examinations especially CBSE Board Exams and for admission to professional courses

Teaching Methodology
An innovative, child- friendly method of teaching is followed with special attention on individual potential. Apart from leading the students successfully on the path of academic excellence, the main aim is to help and guide the students to become well- rounded individuals and provide them the opportunity to blossom and realize their potential.

To groom young people who will Live for a purpose , Learn to apply , Lead with determination & Leave a timeless legacy

To integrate in teaching and learning, the goals for conservation and social justice, To develop civic virtues and emotional skills that can empower our acorns to be icons of personal and social change who will play leading roles in the transition to a sustainable future.

JSUNIL TUTORIAL,Punjabi colony gali 01, Samastipur, Bihar Ph: 9835859669 

CBSE Class X 2012 Solution New

Question Papers of Board Examinations 2013 (CLASS X)

Commerce SET1

English Communicative SET1

English Language and Literature SET1

Foundation of Information Tecnology SET1

Hindi(Course A) SET1

Hindi(Course B) SET1

Mathematics SET1

Science SET1

Social Science SET1
Model Answers of Board Examination 2012 for Class XII and Class X Download

Question Papers of Board Examinations 2013 (CLASS XII) Download

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